Bubba is an established Director and Photographer based in Bend, Oregon. Born with a passion for being creative, he dabbled in design at a young age. Shortly after he began selling the t-shirts he’d design for income as a teenager, he picked up a camera to create motocross films and hasn’t looked back since.

I was born and raised in Oregon. Growing up in the rural, southernmost part of the state, I was surrounded by many walks of life – the farmers and ranchers, outdoorsmen, city folk, you name it – which has inspired me as an artist and helped shape me into the person I am today.

I first got serious with a camera, and about creating art, while involved in the motocross industry and haven't looked back since then.

Over the years, I've worked on commercial projects with companies including TIMEX and TOMS, have photographed and filmed concerts for the Oregon Jamboree, Aaron Lewis and Slightly Stoopid and have also worked with personal clients, documenting their lives.

My main goal when collaborating and working with clients – whether it be personal or with companies, both small and large – is to tell a story; to help tell their story.

I am currently based in Bend, Oregon and available for hire around the world.


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