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Bubba Sellars in an Artist and Creative Director with a love for photography and film, graphic design and all things creative.

His work is characterized by his passion for the the simple life. Being born and raised in the rural, southern part of Oregon, he was surrounded by farms and ranches, the great outdoors and, greatest of all, a small town crowd. These are the roots you can't outrun.

Picking up a camera for the first time in the early months of 2012, Bubba started creating action sports films with his friends while riding motorcycles and hasn't looked back since.

Over the years, he has photographed and filmed many subjects including commercial projects for companies including TOMS and TIMEX, photographing concerts for the Oregon Jamboree and Aaron Lewis, as well as working with personal clients photographing weddings, portraits and documenting their lives.

Bubba's goal with each client, or person he works together with – whether it be personal or commercial – is to tell a story; to use his talents to portray the vision that they have.

What he is most known for is his travel and landscape photography. During 2016, Bubba lived out of his truck, traveling most of the West Coast from the most Northwestern part of the Olympic Peninsula all the way south to Joshua Tree National Park.

Since then, he has settled down in Bend, Oregon and is available for hire as a freelancer around the world.

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Beats by Dre
Crary Boots
Athletes Brand

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